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Object of the Month

Object of the Month showcases a particular object from an exhibition at the BGC with a commentary written by a curator, professor, student or guest. The visitor is able to look very closely at the object, sometimes even more closely than is possible in the gallery itself, while being guided through its nature and history. […]

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The Interface Experience

Curated by Kimon Keramidas, Assistant Professor and Director of the Digital Media Lab, BGC
April 2, 2015 – July 19, 2015

Computer technology provides us with constant opportunities to try new things, and with each new device we get a peek at what the future has in store. But the history of that technology is just as important as […]

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Visualizing 19th-Century New York

Curated by David Jaffee, Professor and Head of New Media Research, BGC, with BGC Students
September 19, 2014–January 11, 2015

Visualizing 19th-Century New York examines New York City—a spectacle for resident and visitor alike—through prints and photographs produced by cultural entrepreneurs who created a vast commercial market for their images of the booming metropolis.

Interactive Site: http://visualizingnyc.org/

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Waterweavers: The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and Material Culture

Curated by José Roca with Alejandro Martín.
April 10–August 10, 2014

The exhibition catalogue, Waterweavers: A Chronicle of Rivers, features a selection of visual and textual narratives about Colombian rivers across time, including an essay by the co-curators addressing the river in contemporary Colombian visual and material culture, illustrations of works by the seventeen artists in the exhibition, […]

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Carrying Coca: 1,500 Years of Andean Chuspas

Curated by Nicola Sharratt
April 10–August 3, 2014

Carrying Coca: 1,500 Years of Andean Chuspas considers how two components of Andean life—coca leaves and hand-woven textiles—are brought together in the small bag called a chuspa and examines this traditional object in changing cultural and economic contexts.

Interactive Site: http://bgcdml.net/carrying-coca/interactive.htm

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American Christmas Cards, 1900–1960

Curated by Professor Kenneth L. Ames and students
September 21, 2011 – December 31, 2011

The exhibition and accompanying book argue the central premise that examining the images on Christmas cards used in the United States from the late nineteenth century to the end of the 1950s enriches our understanding of not only the American Christmas but also significant […]

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Objects of Exchange

Curated by Professor Aaron Glass and graduate students
January 26, 2011–April 17, 2011

The late nineteenth century was a period of rapid colonization and dramatic change for the Indigenous peoples of North America’s Northwest Coast. Objects of Exchange approaches the material culture of the period as visual evidence of shifting intercultural relations.

Interactive Site: http://www.bgc.bard.edu/gallery/gallery-at-bgc/past-exhibitions/focus-gallery-2/exhibition-2/interactive-tag.html

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In Focus II: The 1853 New york Crystal Palace (Jaffee)

London – New York – Paris: Duveen Brothers and the Market for Decorative Arts between 1880 and 1940 (Vignon)

Craft and Design in the USA, 1945 to the Present (Whalen)

Ancient and Ethnographic Costume and Textiles (Simpson)

Survey of the Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture II (Hartzell)


Ethnography and the Material World(Glass)

Graphic Design […]

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Visualizing Nineteenth Century New York

This is a digital exhibition created over the course of two semesters by BGC students. The product of archival research done at the NYPL and a crash course in web design, this project is a great example of the kind of work being done in the DML by students and faculty.

Visualizing Nineteenth-Century New […]

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