3D Printing in the DML

Post by Laura Kelly-Bowditch

mediumLast semester, I proposed a project in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum, where I intern, to explore using laser scanning and 3D printing to expedite artifact storage and shipping containers. I have been researching the problems that have arisen, including concerns from the […]

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The Fall 2013 DML Salon

Post by Andrew Gardner

small-2 Digital interactive from the American Styleshow.

Tuesday, September 16 was the Fall 2013 DML Salon in which BGC faculty and students presented digital projects from the past semester and shared their insights on the use of digital tools both inside and outside the […]

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DML Salon Recap

Post by Nynne Christoffersen

On Thursday, February 21, the BGC held its seventh salon. The DML Salon is a semiannual event that showcases some of the most exciting projects done in the lab from the previous semester. As such, the salon functions as a kind of academic show-and-tell and offers a unique glimpse into the latest […]

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Spring 2013 DML Salon

Each semester the Digital Media Lab holds a salon to highlight representative work done in the lab from the previous semester. The salons are an opportunity for students and faculty to share their work, and for the BGC community toget a better idea of the types of projects being done in the lab and how […]

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Falling Into The Semester


No matter how well I feel I have prepared for the semester I always feel like I stumble through the first week of classes. Hence our theme for this blog post “falling” into the semester. Falling doesn’t always have to be bad however. You can fall down […]

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The Many Sides of Prezi

Post by Sara Spink

Prezi is a really versatile tool that I’ve come to appreciate not just for the opportunities it offers for presentations but also for brainstorming and organization. One of the aspects I like best is the ability to evolve my presentation alongside my research. I’ve also found Prezi to enhance the […]

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BGC Receives NEH Grant for Digital Humanities Project #dighum

We are proud to announce that the BGC has just received a $50,000 NEH Digital Start-Up grant. The aim of the project is to create a digital edition of Franz Boas and George Hunt’s The Social Organization and the Secret Societies of the Kwakiutl Indians that integrates the wide variety of media gathered during research […]

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Wikis in the classroom

Post by Sara Spink

I think it fortunate that in my time here as a student at the BGC, 13 of my 14 courses did use or are using class-specific wiki sites to varying degrees. At the most basic level, the platform provides a flexible and accessible resource for students to receive up-to-date information about the […]

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Coming to the DML blog, New Voices

This semester, one of my hopes has been to make the DML News blog a place where people more regularly visit. Part of making that happen will be an increase in posts about outside news relevant to the DML. Some of it will w be coming from posting more about events here at the BGC […]

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