Follow the DML Wiki using Twitter

Wikidot today made it possible to connect a Wikidot wiki to a Twitter account. Now when you create a new page in your wiki a tweet will be broadcast via the Twitter account you assign in the Site Manager (Info here: This is another great example of how Wikidot continues expanding its toolset […]

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Happy Birthday Internet!!


In October 1969 the first message was sent over ARPANET, the earliest incarnation of the Internet. That makes the Internet 40 today!! It is kind of amazing to think of all the knowledge that gets passed through the Internet today. I imagine that back in ‘69 […]

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Early Spring Workshops and DML Salon

Spring is upon us even though it is below freezing out. Putting that bit of climate commentary aside I wanted to announce some up upcoming events. First of all workshops. Courses this semester are again using the WordPress blogs and Wikidot wikis so we will be offering workshops in both tools. Times and dates are […]

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