Cooper Hewitt’s Digital Transformation

Post by Andrew Gardener

small-6New York City has been short a design museum these past three years—not the only one, but certainly an important one. That’s all about to change this coming December, when the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum reopens its doors after extensive renovation. Located […]

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New to the DML: Carlin Soos

small-1 Carlin Soos Seed Packets, 2014 From thesis exhibition: Semiotics of the Garden Digital print

Hey, everyone! I’m Carlin, a first year MA student at the Bard Graduate Center, and the newest addition to the Digital Media Lab. detail%20copy.jpg Carlin […]

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3D Printing in the DML

Post by Laura Kelly-Bowditch

mediumLast semester, I proposed a project in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum, where I intern, to explore using laser scanning and 3D printing to expedite artifact storage and shipping containers. I have been researching the problems that have arisen, including concerns from the […]

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Things are heating up this semester in the DML

Post by Andrew Gardner

small-4small-5We’ve made it to a new semester! While it’s blustery and cold outside these days here in New York, things are quite literally heating up inside because… we’re 3D printing!* Laura, my fellow DML […]

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The New York Times’ A History of New York in 50 Objects

Post by Andrew Gardner

small-3If you haven’t already heard, we are preparing for a very exciting exhibition on New York City in the 19th-century, curated by Prof. David Jaffee, who also heads up new media research here at the BGC. The exhibition opens in Fall 2014. While this […]

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The Fall 2013 DML Salon

Post by Andrew Gardner

small-2 Digital interactive from the American Styleshow.

Tuesday, September 16 was the Fall 2013 DML Salon in which BGC faculty and students presented digital projects from the past semester and shared their insights on the use of digital tools both inside and outside the […]

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Andrew Gardner, 2013-2014 DML Assistant

Post by Andrew Gardner

small-1 Watercolor portrait of Andrew by Maya Bradford.

Hi, I’m Andrew! I’m a first year MA student at the Bard Graduate Center. I have been living and working in New York for the last three and a half years, first in art publishing, then in […]

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Laura Kelly-Bowditch, 2013-2014 DML Assistant

Post by Laura Kelly-Bowditch

Hello, I’m Laura, a second year MA student. I was attracted to the program offered by the BGC because it brought together my undergrad studies in history and archaeology. Objects, I had learned in school and later at work, tell different stories than texts alone and I was excited to unite all […]

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DML Salon Recap

Post by Nynne Christoffersen

On Thursday, February 21, the BGC held its seventh salon. The DML Salon is a semiannual event that showcases some of the most exciting projects done in the lab from the previous semester. As such, the salon functions as a kind of academic show-and-tell and offers a unique glimpse into the latest […]

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