Insight into the New York Crystal Palace 1853 Exhibition at the BGC: An Interview with DML Director, Jesse Merandy

This interview is reposted from Bard Graduate Center’s April 2017 newsletter.
New York Crystal Palace 1853 was an exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center gallery (18 West 86th Street) from March 24-July 30, 2017.

How would you describe the exhibition?

The New York Crystal Palace 1853 exhibition transports visitors back to New York’s first World’s Fair which opened […]

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Chuspas at the AMNH #focusgallery

Today I went with Nicola Sharrat’s class Weaving through the Past and into the Present: 10,000 Years of Andean Textiles to the textile archives at the American Museum of Natural History. Nicola is our current AMNH post-doctoral fellow (following in the footsteps of smallof Aaron Glass and […]

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Wikis in the classroom

Post by Sara Spink

I think it fortunate that in my time here as a student at the BGC, 13 of my 14 courses did use or are using class-specific wiki sites to varying degrees. At the most basic level, the platform provides a flexible and accessible resource for students to receive up-to-date information about the […]

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Objects of Exchange Expanded Launch #focusgallery

One of the first projects that really energized and challenged the Digital Media Lab was Aaron Glass’s focus galleryObjects of Exchange: Social and Material Transformation on the Late Nineteenth-Century Northwest Coast. With a background in film and an eagerness to experiment and explore in digital media, Aaron’s project took advantage of a lot of technologies […]

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