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This semester, one of my hopes has been to make the DML News blog a place where people more regularly visit. Part of making that happen will be an increase in posts about outside news relevant to the DML. Some of it will w be coming from posting more about events here at the BGC that are relevant to DML activities. But, I think that the best way to make this blog more compelling will be to start to include a multiplicity of voices. To that end, this space will soon be home to posts by a number of students, faculty, and staff whose work greatly impacts or is greatly impacted by the work done in the lab. Coming up soon will be posts by DML Assistant Sara Spink and Head of New Media Research David Jaffee. The lab is about the work that we all contribute here at the BGC and it will be great to hear directly from those individuals working on projects in the lab. I hope you get a chance to read about their work and I encourage all visitors to participate in conversations via comments.


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