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Bard Graduate Center utilizes Wikidot to host course websites. To sign in and access course sites, please visit and sign into through the following link:

First Steps and Basic Editing

Watching Wikis

By default, wikis you have created or for which you serve as an administrator will send you you an email [...]


To create a table on your wiki page, use the "table wizard" button. In the pop-up window, you can select [...]

Headers and Table Of Contents

Our wikis use header styles which can be applied using the H1 button (rolling over this button will reveal H2, [...]

Footnotes And Citation

Since more classes are using the wikis for writing assignments, it is important to understand different methods of citation. Fortunately, [...]

Bullets And Numbering

Bulleted List To create a bulleted list, click the "bulleted list" button for each item you wish to list (or [...]

Creating Pages and Links

The ability to easily add pages and create links (to other pages and to external URLs) is one of the [...]

If You Forget Your Password

When you attempt to access a wiki page, you will be prompted for your username or email address and your [...]

Getting On The BGC Wikis

The BGC uses wikis for a number of endeavors, whether they be course management, exhibition development, or the building of [...]

Files, Images and Media

Adding Links To Images

Images incorporated to your wiki page via URL or file upload can be linked to a web address, another wiki [...]

Image Galleries

Image galleries enable you to view photographs at their native resolution in a pop-up window within your wiki page. You [...]


You will have several options available to you as you add images to your wiki. Images can derive from three [...]

PDF/File Uploading and Linking

Uploading Files Files can be uploaded by scrolling to the bottom of the appropriate page and clicking the "Files" link. [...]

Wiki-Wide Functions

Tagging And Tag Clouds

Creating tags on your wiki site is a helpful organization tool. Tags and tag clouds can function as finding aids, [...]

Customizing Side And Top Menus

The links and pages listed in your side and top bars are easily customizable to display your preferred content. To [...]

Setting Up And Using The Forum

One of the great features of the Wikidot platform is that each wiki comes equipped with a discussion board. This [...]


It is easy to enable comments on your wiki page by using the module provided by wikidot, which you can [...]

Breadcrumbs & Parent-Child Pages

Enabling breadcrumb navigation creates a visual "trail" of your path to a given page, with links allowing an easy return [...]

Advanced Wiki Functionality

Creating A Blog

One of the great features of Wikidot is its ability to allow us to do a number of things beyond [...]

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