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The Digital Media Lab provides a number of resources for the BGC community, all of which are aimed at increasing the integration and implementation of new media tools within the curricular and research goals of the institution.

The Lab provides a well-equipped space for students and faculty to work on media projects that require significant computing resources. Early projects have included audio and video editing, rendering of three-dimensional virtual spaces, and the development of multimedia online virtual exhibitions.

The Lab manages and supports online tools and resources, such as blogs, wikis, and content management systems. These tools offer platforms for investigation and experimentation and are used by faculty and students for a variety of projects, from classes to theses to long-term research projects.

The Lab is an important hub for collaborative projects conducted with institutions that share similar digital media goals to the BGC. These collaborative projects allow work done in the Lab to reach a larger audience, and they encourage the BGC community to participate in a wide range of examples of new media work.

Together, these three aspects are central to a philosophy that digital media tools are increasingly a part of the process of scholarship and knowledge production, and that the thoughtful implementation of these tools is central to building a successful curriculum in the 21st century.

The DML Download

The DML Download provides insights and information on digital projects and technology at the Bard Graduate Center.

DML Salon Recap

Post by Nynne Christoffersen On Thursday, February 21, the BGC held its seventh salon. The DML Salon is a semiannual event that showcases some of the most exciting projects done in the lab from the previous semester. As such, the salon functions as a kind of academic show-and-tell and offers [...]

April 5th, 2013|Categories: DML, Feature, Salon|Tags: , |

Chuspas at the AMNH #focusgallery

Today I went with Nicola Sharrat's class Weaving through the Past and into the Present: 10,000 Years of Andean Textiles to the textile archives at the American Museum of Natural History. Nicola is our current AMNH post-doctoral fellow (following in the footsteps of of Aaron Glass and Erin Hasinoff) and [...]

April 2nd, 2013|Categories: Feature, focusgallery|Tags: , , |

Visual Culture & Replication: 3D Research

Post by Nynne Christoffersen 3D laser scanning of a marble statue at National Museums Liverpool. This year there are a number of projects that I am very excited to be working on at the DML. Prime among them is the opportunity to work with the 3D scanner -a [...]

February 18th, 2013|Categories: 3D printing, Feature|Tags: |

Spring 2013 DML Salon

Each semester the Digital Media Lab holds a salon to highlight representative work done in the lab from the previous semester. The salons are an opportunity for students and faculty to share their work, and for the BGC community toget a better idea of the types of projects being done [...]

February 11th, 2013|Categories: DML, events, Feature, Salon|Tags: , |
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